The Top 10 Craziest Party Beaches on Earth

As the summer season hits a full scale assault on all of us, the thought of travel comes to our mind. The bottom line is, who can resist a vacation that is full of epic beach,  greasy drink-enticing beach music, swanky + awful dance moves,  tasty seafood, easy-to-drink’ drinks, and crazy summer events.There is no better way on earth to beating da’ heat than taking part in an epic beach party full of beats & booze. (Please just remember to clean up after!)

Like all things in life – not all beaches are created equal. So what’s the best? We’ve traveled the world, with a margarita in hand under the sun & the stars to answer that burning question.

Here’s the results: the TOP 10 party beaches that will make this summer one to hold on to (or forget..)

beach party

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